Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Very First Blog Post! Sooo...uh...hello? Am I doing this right?


Well, hello there! My name is Markie! Yes, guys, that's my REAL name. It is NOT short for anything; doesn't stand for anything. It's exactly how it is and spelled on my birth certificate. My parents say that I was named after Markie Post, the actress, but my father's name is Mark...
You obviously see where I'm getting at, where I personally think my name really came from...and I think it's weird.

...And yes, I've know who Marky, Mark, and the Funky Bunch are, and yes, people continually tease me with that as a nickname. *Sigh*


Oh! Yeah! Being that this is my first blog EVER and my first blog POST, let me introduce myself and explain my purposes of creating a blog for myself, ok? :)

I am a 22 year old young mother of my precious little 5 year old, Damien Matthew. He is my reason for everything I live for now. Every milestone he reaches amazes me more and more each time. 
Children are amazing little beings, aren't they? As a parent, you watch them take their first breath of life, say their first words, take first steps on their own little feet, and before you know it...BAM! They are graduating High School, getting married, and just quickly grow too fast! Mine is only 5, but that 5 years seemed like only a year has passed. It is extremely important to take in every little moment and capture and save every memory you can! You will never be able to go back and re-do anything you missed! I've learned this importance after kicking myself for not taking as many pictures when he was little and was too excited to see him grow, instead of just slowing the world down a little to take it all in. Don't let yourself regret this later in life!

If you are not a parent yet, let me tell you this in advance then...
You will always underestimate how much your mother truly loves you, until you have children of your own. 
Even if you THINK you do, YOU DON'T. Just take my word for it. 

Back to my introduction...(I kinda trailed to a different topic there, didn't I?). 

I had my son when I was 17 years old. So I was preggers when I was 16, had him when I was 17. I am a VERY young mother. It was an accident back then, honestly, being the rebellious teen I was, but my boy is my beautiful outcome of it, and I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for him joining me in this world. So please, don't discriminate! I've already heard it all, but I am the opposite of the remarks. Like "teen moms can't be mature enough to have a healthy pregnancy", "teen moms have premature babies", and "people that young can't raise a kid". 

Let me say, I had a very healthy pregnancy, exactly full term (he was born on his due date!), with a weigh-in of 8lbs 5oz. :) Definitely no preemie there, and he is quite excelled in his education and I do everything to provide for :P That Teen Mom show you see on tv? I think they're just a bunch of irresponsible children who over dramatize raising a child...but of course, I don't personally watch the show...

Being a young mommy though (well, a new one, really), can be tough. I am learning new things as I go here. We just don't come equipped with everything you need to know. So my boy and I, are learning new things together. :) 

Oh yeah! The title? 
"What is a 'Kidult', anyway?"
A "Kidult", is actually, if not already obvious, two words put together. 
Kid and Adult. Kid + Adult = Kidult, see?
I believe it describes me, because I can act like a kid sometimes, but still be an adult. 
What I mean is, I still buy Lunchables to eat myself, I play video games a lot in my extra time, and I still watch cartoons as much as I did when I was 6. But! I am an adult when I need to be. I work really hard, I'm one of the bosses at my work, I keep up with my home, etc...
So, in conclusion, that's basically what a Kidult is. It's also that awkward stage between your teen years and your adulthood..."kidulthood". Simply, though, I just enjoy/do certain things that I like. :)

Just recently, I've been having a lot going on (I'm sure I'll explain later in this blog), and my thoughts were to create a blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences to relieve some stress (writing seems to always help!) and be more open to society. I'm more of a person who is anti-social, very very shy in person, but my mind runs wild. 

I am extremely new to this "blog" thing, but I've been thinking of wanting a blog for a while now, so I thought to give it a shot! What do people blog about, anyway? What's a blog's soul-purpose? 

See, I don't really know. But! I thought I'd create one as a thing to write my personal thoughts down on to share! Hope that's ok? :/ More like a journal, with no specific topic in general. 

I promise, it won't be as boring as this first blog post though.... ;)

So, any thoughts or suggestions (or even blog tips) you would like to share, please do!!! I am welcoming to hear any advice or opinions! :) It is all appreciated, just like you reading and suffering through my first post, that is greatly appreciated as well!

Thanks again! You'll hear from me again soon! God Bless!


And here's an extra "funny" for you guys!...

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