Friday, November 29, 2013

FUNNY PREGNANCY PICTURES (Announcing My Big News!!!)


So I've been keeping that held in since July! (It's the end of November as I'm writing this. Today is actually Black Friday. Just in case you are reading this way later after I posted this...) I was afraid to tell my parents, and that's why I kept it a secret. Weird of me, right?

Well, actually, with my first son, I was pregnant at 16 (like I said in my earlier blig post). My parents reaction was scary, so this time around, I didn't know exactly what to expect and debated for MONTHS on how to break the news. Although, I am 22, living on my own with my first child, haha! I guess I'm just a big wimp.

So FINALLY, I told my mom two days ago. She was actually REALLY excited! She just wishes I told her sooner, though, which I expected that. 

I am a little over 22 WEEKS, and Dave and I found out that we are having a BOY! We are overly excited, and cannot barely wait until we get to hold and see our little angel. I always wanted 2 boys, too. This is truly a blessing! 

ANYWAY! I am going to celebrate my announcement of my new addition to my family by making this blog post ALL pregnancy-related!!!

Here are ALL my FAVORITE funny pregnancy pictures that I have found and accumulated from all over the internet over time! :) Enjoy!


- Markie ;) 

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