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How to Get Off Your Butt and Get Motivated! (25 Ideas for Motivation)

Got a TON to do, but just can't seem to get it started?

Find yourself making up excuses to not do what you need to at certain times?

Are you a huge procrastinator, like me?

Well have no fear! Ideas to help you get motivated are here! ;)

These helped me a lot since I ALWAYS catch myself in a slump every now and then. These should help "perk" you up, and stay "perked" up, to get your shit together and taken care of!

These are some of my most valuable tips and tricks I have found from research on how to get yourself motivated. So, here, I will gladly share them with you! 

Hope they help! Good luck!

~*25 Ideas to Get You Motivated*~

1) Never give yourself too much to do at once! 
   Doing this will actually make it feel a bit overwhelming when looking at the big picture!

2) Get yourself EXCITED!
    Think about the outcome and benefits of accomplishing your goal or task at hand! Imagine a big weight being taken off of your shoulders. Also, remind yourself how good it will feel to get whatever it is done and over with, so you don't have to worry about it anymore!

3) Make an organized, neat list of the things you need to do! 
    For example, make a "To-do" list, and cross each thing you get done off the list. This will visually motivate you. Plus, the more you cross off, the better you'll feel about getting everything completed!

4) NEVER (and I mean, NEVER) think about the difficulties or any negatives of performing the task at hand!!!
   Think positive! Actually, thinking positively about EVERYTHING will do great wonders to how you feel in general! 
If you think of the most difficult roadblocks to your success before actually reaching them, this will really take a toll on your motivation towards the process. So stay positive!

5) Get a good night's sleep before a day full of productivity ahead of you.
  Make sure you have a good, peaceful, restful sleep! Also make sure you got enough of it (not TOO much though, which does the opposite of any good) to wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to start the day! This will also help you maintain focus!

6) Start off small. 
   Instead of doing the biggest tasks first, start off with the smaller, easier ones! You can get a lot of them done, in a smaller amount of time, which will build up anticipation to keep on going up to the bigger tasks!

7) Hey! Why not reward yourself?
   If you set an award for yourself for completion of your goal, it just might motivate you to keep going! It could be any award, such as pampering yourself to a spa treatment, a day out golfing, have a restful "fat/lazy" day to yourself, or go buy that expensive pair of shoes you wanted! Whatever it is that makes you happy, use it as an award to look forward to!

8) Exercise!
   I think we have all heard at some point that exercising gives energy. That energy will go a long way in accomplishing your goal! It will also keep you in a better, happier mood. It was scientifically believed that excercising produces euphoria! 

Not an excercising-type of person, like me? That's alright! There's other, more settle, options that include walking, bike riding, cleaning the house, dancing to a favorite song, playing with the kids, etc. Whatever gets you up and moving will work!

9) Listen to your favorite music! 
   Nothing is better than putting on your favorite song and jamming out while being productive! This will help you get up and going!

10) (...In addition to #9) Make your own "motivational" playlist of songs.
   Even adding cheesy songs like "Eye of the Tiger" or "Don't Stop Believin'", whatever makes you feel pumped, why not?

11) Practice good self-discipline!
   This one is important. You need to focus on being able to tell yourself "NO" to any distractions or types of procrastination. Be able to demand yourself to get up and do what you need to do, when you need it done. You won't be letting yourself put things off.

12) Eliminate distractions from your goals or tasks.
  Ex.) Turn off all your electronic devices (except your iPod, because remember? You are using that for motivational music...*cough* #9 *cough*), tell your friends you need time away by yourself to focus on your duties, and eliminate anything out of the way that may pull you away from what you are supposed to be doing. Stay focused!!!

13) Drink some coffee (or energy drink) for that extra "boost".
    ...or anything highly caffeinated if you aren't much of a coffee drinker. Sometimes I'll start feeling sluggish halfway through the day, and coffee just seems to do perfectly for a little "pick-me-up" as needed.

14) Stop with the excuses!
   Do you see yourself making up reasons why you can't do something at a certain time? Admit it. Excuses like, "Oh, I'll do that after I'm done with this episode of Cake Boss." or "I can't do that right now, I just got home from work...". 
This is also where "self-discipline" should play a role. Start being responsible and prompt on your tasks that need completed! 
   Not meaning to sound like a lecture from your mother, but we all know it's true!

15) If you take a break from what you are doing, don't take too long of one.
   Make your break short and sweet. Too long of a break will actually put you in "relax-mode", which will damage your energy and motivation to do something. Trust me, I do this to myself all the time. It causes procrastination to happen and then starts that "lazy" cycle all over again!

16) Got any appointments/meetings to schedule? Schedule them early in the morning!
    If you do this, you can get up early (and not sleep in too late because you have no choice but to go), go to your appointment, and then by the time you come back home, you are already awake enough and dressed for the day! You also have the whole day ahead of you with an early start. Also, thinking about it, you already got something productive done for the day to start off with! Win-win, right?

17) Start your day with a great, refreshing breakfast.
   We've all been preached to at some point about how important breakfast is to start your day with. Food will give you energy and keep you focused! 

18) Start the day off doing something you enjoy. 
   Let's say you got a day full of events ahead of you (and you don't have any early scheduled appointments, haha), starting off the day with something you like to do will start you off with a good mood. Good moods help with productivity and motivation. Whether it's reading a good book, exercising, take a walk with your dog, watch a favorite tv show (without over-doing it!), play a computer game, etc...

19) Got some free time? Find some motivational quotes online and save your favorite ones that you find.
   I personally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE inspirational and motivational quotes! They help put you in the right mind-set that you need. Just try it! It really helps! :) 

20) Start your day being as happy as ever, with a positive attitude and outlook, and a smile!
   Again, this helps towards your mind-set for the day! Even better, happiness and smiles are contagious to those around you! :D 
  And think about it: You are most likely not going to do anything being a miserable, poopy, grumpy-butt, would you? Exactly. So, don't wake up hating the world, definitely if you got a lot to do!  ;)

21) Keep reminding yourself the importance of why you must complete your goals.
    Just keep telling yourself that you NEED to do this, and you MUST do this. Think about why it's your goal in the first place, and again, the benefits of the outcome!

22) Start your day off looking great!
    Looking good, and knowing that you look good, will make you feel good! It makes you want to go out and do things. For example, personally, I NEVER want to go anywhere if I am not dressed nicely or don't have my makeup on. I would feel like a bum, and keep thinking I look like a bum, which doesn't put me in a pleasant mood. 
But! When I get all dolled up and feeling gorgeous, I want to go here, there, the mall, run errands, etc..
See where I'm getting at?

23) In case your goals/tasks are cleaning/chore-related...Throw on your comfiest clothes to run around in.
   A nice comfy pair of sweats and a roomy t-shirt is my preferred choice when it comes to cleaning. Being comfortable while doing something is always good! Got long hair? Pull it up! Got slippers? Put them on! You aren't going to want to do something if you aren't comfortable, like being squeezed into a tight pair of jeans where it hurts to just bend over, or wearing a low-cut shirt that's so tight, your sweater puppies are popping out and catching a breeze! Right?

24) My personal favorite: Wear your favorite pair of undies, and socks.
  I have a hard time explaining this one, but it goes with bringing up your mood that you need to accomplish what you need to. 
  For some reason, throwing on my favorite panty and my favorite pair of socks puts me into a better mood. This is also a great tip on how to make your Mondays seem better.
 So, if you somehow get why on this, good! If you don't, I highly suggest you try it! It does wonders for me!

25) Don't hang out with the "lazy-type" of friends you have.
  These friends might distract you to relax and put off what you need to do. Energetic and excited friends seem more of a better crowd! 
 Also, people who always seem like "Debby-Downers" aren't the greatest to be around. ALWAYS remember: 
It only takes one bad mood to ruin everybody else's moods! 
And like I said before, if you aren't in a good mood, you're not going to want to accomplish anything!!! :)


Well guys, I hope these helped! Some are my own and some I found and reinvented from researching this topic many times in the past, looking for ways to motivate myself, too, when I needed it. Try them out and see what you think! :D

Best wishes! xoxo

-Markie :)

As always, I usually include a random "funny" at the bottom of each of my posts...
But this time, I'm going to include a bonus "F.Y.I." instead:

(F.Y.I.) Did you know that if you drink a tall glass of cold water after waking up, it helps you wake up faster and gives you energy? It also starts off your metabolism for the day, AND of course it's healthy! There's actually MANY good, healthy benefits to do this! ;)

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